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Carmel Laboratories has the exclusive patent rights from the University of Massachusetts Medical School to create the most innovative cosmeceutical anti-aging skincare line using this patented, powerful and proven technology featuring the Adenosine/Hydroxysomes® complex.

US Patent Office
1. U.S. Patent 6423327 July 23, 2002
2. U.S. Patent 6645513 November 11, 2003
3. Canadian Patent 2347979 4.
4. EU Patent Pending

Adenosine Skin Technology
Dr. Dobson and colleague Dr. Ethier discovered Adenosine’s ability to increase the production of collagen and elastin, while conducting research on how “aging affects heart function”. Two of the most important proteins in skin—collagen and elastin are responsible for reducing the appearance of wrinkles occurring with aging. Drs. Dobson and Ethier serendipitous discovery has changed the future of skin care.

NOTE: Dr. James G. Dobson, Ph.D., was former Chairman of the Department of Physiology of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Adenosine Skin Technology’s unique power is its ability to stimulate and increase skin protein production and increase cell size. Adenosine Skin Technology helps to restore the skin’s health naturally, and decreases the common problems of wrinkling, roughness, dryness, laxity, sallowness, and uneven pigmentation.

Hydroxysomes®—Deep trans-dermal delivery of Adenosine
Hydroxysomes®, a patented calcium-based trans-dermal delivery technology providing unparalleled skin benefits. Proven to restore normal skin barrier function, improve stratum corneum integrity, and increase flexibility and skin rejuvenation, Hydroxymsomes® delivers Adenosine into the skin for an anti-aging one-two punch.


The combination of two great technologies creates the proprietary Adenosine/Hydroxysomes® complex providing unprecedented multifaceted effect for an anti-aging skincare regimen.

Once applied, the Easeamine anti aging skincare system delivers immediate effect. Natural botanicals, essential vitamins, moisturizers and hydrators combine for a healthy natural youthful glow. After just 12 weeks, Adenosine Skin Technology's uniquely powerful formulation stimulates and increases skin protein production and cell size adding youthful volume to skin. Fine lines and wrinkling almost disappear. Texture is smoother, skin color brightens, skin tone looks healthier and more radiant than ever thought possible.

In clinical trials, improvements reveal as much as 48% in skin firmness, softness and elasticity, as well as vast improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Easeamine Skin Care Collection uses a patented trans-dermal delivery to unleash the power of Adenosine Skin Technology


Clinical Trials
The Adenosine Skin Technology had very impressive results in a 12-week independent clinical trial of human subject ranging in age from young to aged adult women. In facial treatments twice daily to the orbital eye area, reports showed skin improvements of: dryness by 38%; skin tone 22%; skin elasticity 38-48%*; firmness 38-48%*; wrinkles 10%; visual 15-20%; overall perceived effect 56%.

*The highest result ever recorded by International Research Services, Inc., (Independent Clinical Research company) were clinician observed and not subjectively self-assessed in skin firmness and elasticity (38-40%) No adverse effects, including rashes or allergenic reactions were reported in any subjects.