Our Why

In today’s turbulent world, people are hungering for personal and spiritual connections. Consumed with financial success, society is losing the ‘human touch’ to intrinsic value and purpose. Responding to a growing population of religiously unaffiliated women—we developed a contemporary community with message providing hope, purpose and inspiration.

Offering inner and outer beauty solutions for the 21st Century woman, I AM Grace ™ is an “Authentic Beauty Company”, created as a spiritually universal, diverse and sincere women’s community.

I AM Grace members experience non-judgmental Christian spirituality, meaningful connection, compassion, personal growth, and an opportunity to serve humanity through Easeamine product-purchases.

Our Team

Dennis Wyrzykowski, President
Compelled to build a company based on core values of integrity, honesty and transparency, Dennis forged a diverse and multi-talented business team. Common to each individual are her or his dedication to non-judgmental compassion and understanding, selfless giving without expectations and unparalleled multi-faceted business wisdom. Dennis is anchored in a Carmelite spiritual tradition, having been a monk for thirty-two years. His discerning contemporary message inspires I AM Grace business team to enable women to grow in beauty and faith.

Paul Menard, COO
Searching for deeper spiritual purpose, Paul sold his successful company to dedicate the second chapter of his life to humble service. A devoted family man committed to building a strong relationship with God, Paul is co-developing I AM Grace local, global and virtual communities. Loyal, resilient and determined, Paul focuses on concrete solutions, applications and operational systems—fulfilling the vision and functions of I AM Grace, while honoring God.