Affiliate Program
Helping us help others and—you!

Our unique affiliate program allows for two options. By sharing your experience of the benefits of Easeamine with friends and family, their purchase can create store credit for your next purchase – OR – money in your pocket!

Personal expereinces of Easeamine's anit-aging skincare benefits are an influential sales motivation. Feeling good about our appearance lends confidence to opening our hearts revealing our inner beauty.

Word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing tool available. Sharing your experience with family and friends extends our outreach without costly marketers or PR companies. Our revenue supports the Teresian Carmelites and their charitable works:
  • Giving Hope to the Hopeless by allowing us to bring God's word of hope to those in prison;
  • Feeding the Hungry by volunteering in soup kitchens;
  • Awakening Hearts through teenage quidane—teaching students how to be courageous in being "fearless" in being true to their core values and beliefs, while overcoming emotional, physical and societal obstacles;
  • Sharing Servitude and Promoting Healing working with recovering addicts and alcoholics who have experienced the "gift of desperation", the "bottom" where sobriety, healling and productive healthy living and relationships begin.

Helping us help others — and — you.