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DreamSeed USA Foundation

DreamSeed USA will offer academic support and enrichment programs designed to improve student achievement and fulfill a child’s true potential as a scholar and leader for tomorrow. The foundation will focus on:

  • Socio-economically challenged students and provide them with the unwavering support needed for their success

  • Academic support in rigorous curriculum will improve the student’s future success and economic development

  • Enrichment programs will expose students to diverse and engaging opportunities to develop their creative and critical thinking skills and foster strong leadership qualities

  • In-depth support throughout the entire college search and admission process including college searches, tours, application and scholarship search path. Foundation scholarships will be available to ensure students fulfill their potential, graduate from college and become the leaders of the next generation.

While the above four focus points are the core of the Foundation’s purpose, the mission of DreamSeed USA is to maximize student's College and Career Readiness Skills to ensure all students fulfill their potential at becoming productive citizens and leaders within the 21st Century.

The U.S. is falling behind its global competitors. Programs must be created to help students achieve both a high school and college education, while exposing students to local colleges and universities. Students will be introduced to eight of the ten recommendations set forth by the Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce and the NCEE Excellence for All programs. Blending both programs while keeping the mission of honoring individual intrinsic value of I AM Grace at its center, will ensure DreamSeed USA remains committed to the growth and development of each students’ mind, soul, and body.