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People love Easeamine. And they’re not shy about saying so!

Customers the world over are praising the benefits of Easeamine. Here is a asampling of the emails and letters about Easeamine from people who know how effective it can be.

Hi Mikki and the Easeamine Team,
I am loving my beauty kit from Easeamine—the delightful smell of the tonic brings a smile to my face each morning and night as well as the refreshment it provides. I love the entire line and have been faithful using it to make sure that my skincare regimen is top of mind. I feel blessed to use such high quality products and the packaging is fab too. I look forward to a life-long relationship with Easeamine. Thank you so much! Continued success and abundance to the entire team…
—Lisa Christine, Newburyport, MA

Yes, I have finally found the anti-aging product for my skin. I have spent a lot of time and money over the years trying and researching the overwhelming world of beauty / anti-aging products. In 2009, I began using Easeamine after meeting Dr. Dobson and his wife Susan. Their skin was amazing. Moving forward, I will not use another product. I’m turning 70 and keeping those wrinkles away!
—Karen E. G., Paxton, MA 70

“Suffering from milia (milky white heads that appear just under the skin) and constant breakouts in my adult life, I have tried every product on the market without any success. After two weeks using the Easeamine products, I found a great reduction in breakouts and milium. My skin tone and fine lines have improved dramatically. I have even started using it on my neck, chest and back of my hands with great success. The weathered look and brown spots are diminishing…this product line is amazing and will highly recommend to friends and family. Thank you, Br. Dennis!
—Avi. K, La Quinta, CA age 56

“Easeamine was gifted to me four weeks ago and I have been pretty faithful using the product. Two of my friends (in their 70′s), unaware of my Easeamine use, were wondering why I looked younger…why was I “glowing”. When I shared the Easeamine story, they too wanted Easeamine. Although I am 76 and spent all my summer months in the sun on Cape Cod, Easeamine has already taken 10 years off the feel and look of my skin. It feels good to look good, while helping others…thank you Br. Dennis!”
—Betty M, Boylston, MA age 76

“I had a perpetually brown, slightly raised spot on my face since childhood. I’ve been using Easeamine day, night and eye crèmes for 6 weeks. The spot has faded to a soft pink hue and I believe the size of it has diminished somewhat since it’s not as raised as it once was…this is all good news!”
—Louise D., Fredericksburg, VA, age 54

“I was reluctant to reduce my weight because whenever I dieted in the past, facial wrinkles increased. I got the idea to use Easeamine while dieting to my goal weight — a pretty tough test of effectiveness for your product. You passed the test. Even though your product insert says results may take up to 12 weeks, I am seeing results after just six: I have lost 12 pounds, and my face looks as good as it did when I was 20 pounds heavier!!! I think other women might benefit from my story — and get that unhealthy weight off without having to add “years” to their face.
Thank you for bringing this technology to the public.”
—Katherine S., Lahaina HI, age 63

“…my pores are getting tighter…the hyper-pigmentation on the right side of my face is getting lighter and is less noticeable. The lines on my face are relaxing and are smoother and less visible. …I cannot wait to speak to friends about Easeamine…I am enjoying the effects of this product”
—Nancy G.

I’m noticing a reduction of small lines…my skin-pores appear tighter.”
—John D.

“…the lines outside of my eyes and the ’laugh lines’ around my mouth are getting smaller.
…my skin texture has much improved…it feels silky and soft.
…using Easeamine has simplified my beauty routine. My make-up goes on better…I like the feel of the cream…it’s not heavy or greasy. At 49, I was still getting the occasional break-outs and wrinkles at the same time. Since using Easeamine, I have been able to stop all other creams and acne products…I haven’t had a break-out all month. I have great faith in this product…I don’t want to miss a day using it.
…some of the sun-damaged spots have gone away…the elasticity around my eyes has come back.”
—Ginny M.

“My overall appearance has improved…my skin looks radiant…I have a pronounced glow to my face…I like the clean smell of Easeamine…my skin has returned to a more youthful appearance…people comment on how healthy my skin looks. For years, I have had deep noticeable wrinkles on my forehead and now they are less obvious. Easeamine is a break-through facial product, and it continues to have a significant improvement on my physical appearance and healthy skin.”
—Michael C.

“I am an eternal skeptic (having grown up in NY). I have been using Easeamine for 8 weeks now (only) once per day and, even as I look in the mirror, thank people who compliment me, and baffle even my husband, I know I am refusing to let go of my skepticism! But I want to be honest, so here’s what I have experienced.
* Generally, I just look younger.
* I have a brighter complexion.
* My under eye circles are easier to conceal.
* There’s nothing for a plastic surgeon to do!
I am headed to the dermatologist next week. I told my husband tonight I am going to ask about fillers just so I can hear him tell me I don’t need them. I know it seems impossible, but outside of two areas (between eyebrows and near one side of my mouth), I don’t know where he might inject it.
When I put makeup on and go out, people believe I am about 12-15 years younger. Even those who work with me. In fact, the same dermatologist has my age in his records as 10 years younger than my actual age, and I have never corrected him. I asked him a couple of years ago about age spots on my face. He told me I was too young to be getting those!
Now to be fair, I have always looked younger than my age, but it was catching up with me. Not anymore!”